Why you should head online to sell Spanish property

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Over the last few years, the amount of Spanish property for
sale has increased dramatically. Many expats have decided to sell up and return
to the UK while banks now have thousands of repossessed properties on their

Reports by the Daily Mail show how this has affected the
lives of Brits who retired to Spain Valerie Burch, from Brixham, Devon, who
planned to sell her seafront duplex apartment in Caleta de Velez, east of

It was worth £180,000 in 2008 but has dropped by a third to
£120,000 by September. The 72-year-old said: ‘I am devastated. I was thinking
of selling this year to help me in my retirement but I would never recoup my

So, how do you make your Spanish property stand out? Keep
reading for our number one tip on how you can sell your property in Spain.

Head online to maximise your audience and save money

If you’re thinking of selling your Spanish home, you have
probably considered using a local estate agent. This can be useful if you’re
looking for a local buyer but it may not help you if you want to market your
property to a wider potential audience.

This is why you should head online if you’re serious about
selling your property in Spain. There are lots of websites that let you market
your property to an international audience, allowing millions of British buyers
to see your property.

Overseas property websites such as Homesgofast.com are
perfect place to advertise an overseas property to a massive international
audience. Using a local estate agent in Spain can help you to some degree but
you’ll really maximise your chances of selling your property by advertising it
on a dedicated overseas property portal.

More and more people are turning to ‘for sale by owner’
sites as they have a number of advantages over using a traditional estate
agent. Not only do overseas property websites allow you to maximise your
audience but they can also save you a significant sum.

Estate agents fees can often eat into your profits when you
sell a property. Sites such as Homes Go Fast charge a fraction of what an agent
will charge, and this helps you maximise your return when you sell your Spanish

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