Why Home Inspection is Important to Getting Your Dream Home


When it comes to purchasing a home, you’d want to be certain that you are getting full bang for your buck. Whether you’ve been saving for a long time or you just came into some lump sum amount, the story is the same. You want to avoid making an irreversible descison that can cost you high six-figure sums.

Fortunately, Home Inspections exist to help you ensure that the property you are looking to buy isn’t a trap disguised as a good bargain. A professional home inspector on your instruction can investigate every aspect of a property and let you know what might be hidden from your cursory glance and untrained eyes. Examples of building faults a home inspector can point out to you include pest control problems or mould that might be hiding in between walls or floorboards, dangerous faulty wiring that might be concealed until you try using it, and so on. The report from a home inspection will let you know if the property you are seeking to buy is worth the price being asked, and if it is worth the trouble you are going to have to go through to make the property liveable.

If you are still not convinced that a home inspection is a smart move before buying a property, below are a few more benefits you stand to gain from getting one done.

1. You are not making a blind purchase

With a home inspection, you are assured to a degree that you are buying a fault-free property. Without a home inspection, you might end up purchasing a property that has more faults than its worth. And these sort of faults tend not to reveal themselves until after you start living on the property. By visiting the home you can thoroughly test all functional components of the home such as garage doors, automatic locks and elevators to ensure they are functioning as intended.

2. You get to save money in the long run

Some people don’t like getting home inspections done because they feel it’s not worth the extra cost. But the cost of a home inspection can never amount to what it’ll cost to redo the wiring or plumbing or roofing of the entire house barely a month after moving in. A home inspection can save you from future financial burden.

3. You get a stronger bargaining power

After a home inspection, you have more of an ability to negotiate a home’s price. This is because you now have information concerning certain flaws on the property which you can use in your advantage to beat down the property’s price. Also, with the information provided by a home inspection, you now know if to back out of a price negotiation because the property isn’t worth it, or if you should stick with it.

4. You can demand for seller’s repairs

For example, you find a property that has caught your eye and after a look over, you determine it’s worth it. The seller has also offered you assurances concerning the building’s standard. You take the seller’s word for it and buy the property only to discover a month later that the central heating doesn’t work. Now you’re stuck with having to call an establishment like FixMyAC to ensure your family doesn’t freeze before winter is over.


It is possible, a seller won’t intentionally sell you a property with a faulty heating system, or something else. But a professional home inspection makes you almost a 100% sure that the property is safe and sound. Also, with a home inspection, you can mandate the seller to repair all faults discovered prior sale or the cost of repairs can be deducted from the cost of the house so you the buyer can have the fault repaired at no actual cost before moving in.

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