Why Cole Moves in with Will.i.am in Hollywood

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Factor judge and singer Cheryl Cole is said to be moving in with Black Eyed
Peas singer Will.i. am however this is not a romantic move but one that makes
sense for Hollywood newbie Cheryl.


people thought that the apparent failure to impress Simon Cowell as a US X
factor judge meant that Miss Coles future in the US was now over. However the
Newcastle celebrity is determined to make it big in America and is determined
to succeed.


rumours about Ashley Cole in the media meant that the two were back in the spot
light but a split has meant that living in the US is now a reality for Cole.


Cheryl (28), has landed her first cameo role in a Hollywood movie alongside
Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez


has been looking at renting a condo for six months but this could mean a very
lonely existence for her as her mother returns to the UK.


suggested that she moved in with him while she gets settled he also has his own
recording studio that she could put to good use.


home is situated in Northern Hollywood and is described as a Spanish-style
house valued at millions of dollars.


His generosity was demonstrated in May 2010 Oprah’s show featured two struggling families who are in
danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. Together, the families owed
$350,000 on their mortgages, but having faced job losses and other financial
problems, they fell behind on their mortgages.

Will.i.am came on Oprah and announced his i.am home fund by paying off
the two families’ mortgages entirely, so that they now own their homes free and


music success includes


·  2010, Best Short Form
Music Video: “Boom Boom Pow”, The Black Eyed Peas

·  2010, Best Pop Vocal Album:
“The E.N.D.”, The Black Eyed Peas

·  2010, Best
Pop Performance by a Duo or Group
: “I Gotta Feeling”, The Black
Eyed Peas

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