What to do with your old furniture when moving to a furnished home


If you are considering relocating and you’ve found the perfect home and it’s already tastefully furnished, congratulations. But there now lies the problem of what to do with all your old furniture which you can’t use in your new place.

Fortunately, this problem isn’t exactly a problem as long as you know what your options are and how to use any of them to your advantage. Below are a list of probable things you can do to conveniently dispose of your old furniture.

1.  Give them to family or friends who need them.

As long as furniture isn’t broken and is still useable, there’ll always somebody out there who’s more than happy to take it off your hands. Especially if it’s free.

Simply inform your family and friends, especially the younger ones that you have furniture you’ll like to get rid of. This is an easy and cost effective way to get rid of your old furniture as the people who desire it will come to you to cart it away without you having to lift a finger.

2.  Be generous, donate your furniture to charity.

This option is quite similar to the earlier one, except that you are now giving your property to strangers and you’ll most likely have to take it to them rather than them coming to your place to cart it away. The greatest advantage of this option is, whatever you give to charity will not be rejected or returned, and you get to feel that you have done a charitable deed.

3.   Sell them

No doubt, this is the option most people will opt for because the furniture owner gets to win on two fronts – get rid of old furniture and earn some good money. You can opt to advertise your furniture for sale on the internet or simply have a yard sale where neighbours or other interested parties can come and buy your furniture at an agreed upon price. This is a good and efficient way to make some money and solve a problem.

Firms such as AHM Furniture Services recommend renovating furniture before selling it in order to increase their value and sell it at a better price. Thus, if you choose this option, you’re better off fixing up your furniture as necessary before putting it up for sale if you intend on making the most profit from selling them.

4.  Rent a storage space

If for sentimental reasons, or other reasons best known to you, you are uncomfortable selling or letting go off your furniture, you can rent a reliable storage space and store your furniture there until you figure out what you’ll like to do with it. If the new home you are moving into is a rented one, storing your old furniture is a good idea because it means you can use it again in the event you move to another home that isn’t already furnished. But this option is probably the most expensive one.

What not to do with old furniture

Now that you know what you can do with the furniture from your old home, what about what not to do with it?

1.  Don’t cram them into current home. Cramming your old furniture into your already furnished new home isn’t a good idea as it’ll clutter up the place and restrict enjoyment of your new home.

2.  Don’t dump on the sidewalk. Someone who needs it might eventually pick it up if you do this, but it exposes the furniture to damaging weather elements, or a bug/rodent infestation which will negatively affect the quality/hygiene of the furniture for anyone else who might want to use it.

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