Want to sell your home by Christmas? Start now

  • 10 years ago
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If you want to sell your home by Christmas, you better start now, according to new research. 
Figures from estate agency Move with Us show that the average UK home takes 88 days to sell after it is first placed on the market, which means that if you want to sell your home by Christmas, you need to list it by 28th September.
Some regions of the UK need to act even sooner, thanks to the varying speeds at which the UK’s housing market operates. Indeed, homeowners in the North East who want to sell by Christmas need to put their house on the market by 9 August 2014 as property in the area typically takes longer to sell. This is closely followed by homeowners in Wales who should have their homes on the market by 18 August 2014.
Homeowners in Greater London have longer to prepare if they want to sell by Christmas. Because selling times in the capital are much faster – just 43 days – home owners should have their home on the market on or before 12 November.
Robin King, Director at Move with Us commented: “Although we’re in the midst of a heatwave and it seems ridiculous to be thinking about Christmas, anyone considering selling their home by the end of the year needs to start getting prepared to sell now, particularly in the slower paced markets like the North East and Wales.”

Photo: Darren W

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