US Dollar Losing Out To Euro

  • 14 years ago
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US Dollar losing out to Euro

The US Dollar has continued to lose out to the Euro and is experiencing volatile movement against the Pound so far losing out to Sterling this morning. Investors have continued for now to choose riskier currencies helped by stronger US housing data and short term ECB bond buying. Today’s non-farm payroll figures for November have the potential to bring movement with an upwards figure following on from some of the mixed data this week having the potential to move the Dollar. The expectation is for a rise of 146,000.

Removing the risk when making overseas money transfers to the US

The problem is exasperated by the inherently volatile nature of exchange rates and the rapid speed in which they fluctuate.  Indeed to the unwary property buyer it’s not uncommon for the exchange rate to fall dramatically in the period after a deal to buy the property has been agreed and the time to pay and complete has arrived.  This could add significantly to the cost of the property and could stretch your budget too far.

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