Uruguay Develops Into Overseas Property Hot Spot

  • 16 years ago
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Along the northern coast of Uruguay are some swanky resorts in what is known as the Uruguayan Riviera. But about an hour up the coast from the resort town of Punta del Este is a little village that is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and overseas property investors. The gorgeous and funky town of Punta del Diablo sits on little hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and this low-key fishing village is becoming a tourist hotspot.
The beautiful town was ranked by travel publisher Lonely Planet as one of the top ten cities in the world to visit in 2008. During the popular December-February months, as many as 20,000 visitors pass through town each day. Though there are many native Uruguayans, many of these visitors are increasingly from Europe.
The accommodations of choice for most visitors to Punta del Diablo are brightly colored cabanas. While on the outside these look like primitive huts with thatched roofs, inside they are nice, even luxurious for this little town. The simplest of these have full kitchens and sun decks and rent for around $60 US per night.
Today, even as the village becomes more and more popular, its fishing roots remain. Local fishermen vie for space along the main beach with sunbathers and sailors. Not far away is the Santa Teresa National Park, a beachfront reserve that harbors a diversity of exotic wildlife, including rare cormorants. During the summer months, park visitors can see whales migrating close to the shore.
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