UK Ski Slopes Open

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Budget-concious skiers and snowboarders can turn to UK and Welsh hills that regularly open when there is enough snow. There are two hills in the Lake District, one in Northumberland, three in County Durham and one in Wales for those who want to enjoy some fun in the snow this winter.
While the skiing in the UK may not be quite the same as in the Alps, it offers an economical alternative for those who want to get on the slopes but who don’t want to pay the price for a major trip. These hills have both piste and off-piste skiing; the runs tend be a little shorter than in the Alps but are still a good workout, typically up to 600-800 meters.
Raise, Swinhope and Yad Moss, which are all in Cumbria, have permanent T-bar lifts and ski lodges serving food and drinks, and the latter even has two machines on hand to flatten out the runs and move the snow around. With early season snows, six of the UK hills opened the first weekend in December and, as long as conditions are good, will be open weekends thereafter.
In addition to the three Cumbria areas mentiond above, the main UK ski areas are Storey Arms, near Brecon, Wales; Allenheads in Northumberland; Castleside, in County Durham; and Harwood Common in County Durham.
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