UK property rental market looking healthy for investors

The rental market for investors in UK property is currently a healthy and potentially lucrative option, according to the latest reports from the Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla).

London and the south-east are the best areas for investment, with rents also rising in the south, the association states.

Overall, Arla reports that the results of its latest quarterly survey of member letting agents shows that the average values of assets and rents across UK property represent “a healthy investment climate”.

Particular rises in property values that were seen in London and the south-east were attributed to the balance of supply and demand.

There are more tenants than there are available properties in these areas, according to Arla, while a level close to equilibrium was noted in the rest of the country.

Adrian Turner, chief executive of Arla, said: “Again, we can report that the private rented sector is not only alive and well but flourishing.

“There is no reason for this not to continue provided that industry-wide fears that burdensome regulation and empire-building town halls do not interfere in the healthy growth of housing choice.”

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