UK Property Business Fuelled By Twitter

  • 15 years ago
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UK based overseas property website demonstrates how things have changed in real estate with social media being an integral part of online marketing. The 21st century phenomena, and a web 2.0 craze has seen the site developing international contacts via Twitter which is a microcosm of the social networking craze.
For some businesses, still trying to get to grips real estate blogs , Social media and Web 2.0, Twitter has them scratching their heads and some are even quite afraid of it; “what if no one wants to follow me, won’t that do more harm than good?”
The answer is no; if no one is following you, no one will know, will they?
If you don’t know the answer to that question, then it is clear you haven’t yet embraced the phenomenon that is Twitter.
The overseas property business has always been quick to embrace new technology, and has fallen in love with Twitter. The site is not only “on Twitter”, but they have even found its applications in building the business.
Nick Marr, director of Marr International, the group behind the portal, said:
“We absolutely love Twitter! It is really good for us, and for any business that produces engaging articles and content on a regular basis. Twitter allows you to share your content with the world, and if it is good content, your gang of followers will quickly grow.
“At first we thought it was just a way of building traffic to the site, as our following grows, we are being approached by businesses wanting to advertise and/or affiliate with us — through Twitter!”
Nick said their “Tweets” had become particularly popular with property marketers in the US and in the Caribbean. We are in the process of forming a working relationship with the proprietor of, who contacted us after seeing our following grow on Twitter and numerous agents worldwide,” Nick explained, adding: “we will continue to exploit this new medium, and are particularly keen to follow, and be followed by those involved in the Jamaican property market. has a growing following join them at 

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