UK Pensioners Save Money Building and Living in Turkey

  • 17 years ago
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British pensioners seeking to save money are heading to Turkey’s to benefit from the low cost of living and cheap property prices. What is more they are finding that building their own home is proving a great way to save even more money. Turkey is proving to be the ideal place to buy land and build your own villa – all while leaving enough money to live through retirement.
Julian Walker, head of UK-based Turkish property firm Spot Blue, indicates that the trends point to an increasing number of people looking to build abroad. For those, Turkey offers some of the best value for money invested. “According to recent figures, there are over 2 million people in the UK and Ireland who own property overseas – that’s one in 30 people,” notes Walker. “Many of those are looking to relocate permanently.”
“Analysts say that as many as 85 per cent of overseas property buyers are happy with their investment, compared to just 50 per cent who own UK pensions,” continues Walker. “It’s not hard to see why buyers are choosing Turkey – it gives investors great value for their property, a lower cost of living, a warm, Mediterranean climate and really friendly people.”
Former BBC engineer David Nigbur and his wife Rosemary say their cost of living has fallen dramatically after organising the construction of their three-bedroom villa in Uzumlu. This small town is just outside Fethiye, in the southwest of Turkey near the Mediterranean Coast and is only a 45-minute drive from Dalaman International airport.
What’s more, the value of their completed property has already increased by 30 per cent. The couple paid £113,000 for the land and building – two weeks after they moved in they had it valued at £140,000.
“It was never going to be completely easy relocating to another country,” said Rosemary, “but we are very, very happy with the villa. The buying of land and the property side of things has been very smooth thanks to Spot Blue.”
She continues: “The life here is so different to that of the UK so we know it’s all been worth it. We’re now sitting in our T-shirts by the pool and it’s winter here!”
The Nigburs like many overseas buyers were concerned about medical care in the region. This worry disappeared  as  new hospital has been built in the area and the cost of healthcare is low. And like all UK citizens, if they need any major care, they can head back to the UK and use the NHS.
“We treat all our minor illnesses at a local chemist,” says Rosemary. “When we had to take our neighbour’s daughter to hospital recently the cleanliness was phenomenal,” she adds. “The whole service was efficient and personable – we waited 10 minutes for a doctor and specialist and it cost about £20 – so I don’t miss the NHS at all!”
With the rest of their retirement to look forward to, David and Rosemary say the size of Turkey – about three times that of England – will keep them busy exploring. They’ve also persuaded their friends to build their own villa nearby and they’ll enjoy visits from their four grown-up children and two grandchildren. Art lover Rosemary is also assessing the local market with a view to opening her own gallery.
David is looking forward to as much outdoor excitement as possible. “There is a ski development being built as we speak that can be reached within one and a half hours.” He adds, “We’ll definitely be trying it at some point in the future with family and friends.”
Rosemary sums it all up: “Turkey’s a stunning place to live and very affordable. We were originally going to Greece but when it joined the EU prices shot up. We are so glad that we ended up in Turkey as the people and climate are fantastic.”
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