UK Home Owners Unaware of For Sale By Owner option

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Selling property privately appears to be a bit of a mystery according to the UK based For Sale By Owner website at The non profit website estimates only 10% of sellers in the UK decide to sell their homes privately. The website believes that this is not because of choice but more owing to a lack of knowledge about selling UK property without an estate agent. is a not-for-profit website which aims to educate people about the possibilities and pitfalls, pros and cons of selling without an estate agent. stance is not anti estate agents it believes in offering the consumer a choice and providing the information necessary to make an informed decision as to whether selling privately or with the help of an agent.


The website explains that it is a common misconception that Estate Agents play an irreplaceable role in the sale of a property, either from a seller’s or buyer’s perspective. Though they can ‘hold your hand’ and also do a lot of the leg work that you might not want to do, the process is generally much simpler than you might think and certainly most people are more than capable of doing it themselves.


Until now the acronym FSBO, standing for “For Sale By Owner“, has been used predominantly in the US, where an estimated 60% of homes are sold privately.


One of the topics raised at FSBO was that of the new Home Information Packs (HIPs) and the Private seller. Was it cheaper to just accept the fixed penalty fine of £200 and forget the HIP? ” The website advises that it should be noted that payment of this penalty charge does not entitle the person to continue marketing the property in breach of the home information pack duties. To do so could render that person liable to further penalty charge notices.”


UK sellers can also find more information about selling a home with out an agent at The Editor Gavin Brazg (Editor) aims to show UK home sellers how to make the maximum profit from their sale with the minimum amount of fuss



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