UK & Canada Create Demand For Jamaican Property

  • 15 years ago
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Demand for Jamaican property appears to be on the up with overseas property website reporting a 30% increase in enquiries for its Jamaican property listings compared to February 2008. According to the international portal the two countries that seem to be driving this interest are the UK and Canada
CEO Nick Marr “”We have a huge demand for Jamaican property from people in the UK and Canada seeking to return home, as well as sons and daughters of Jamaican descent wanting to buy a piece of their parents heritage.”
“I think the region offers great opportunities even in today’s climate and those considering returning back to Jamaica after benefitting from the UK property market are getting good value for money. We are currently seeking more property in Jamaica.
According to Google Trends Jamaican property is currently receiving among the highest search volumes in the world. For instance France property receives only 60% of the volume of searches that Jamaica property receives.
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