UFO House Makes Top Ten Weird Homes

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Chattanooga Tennessee USA is the location of one of the top 10 unusual homes in the world in a list created by private house sale website The Little House Company.
In March 2008 this flying saucer house went up for auction in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Built in 1970 just a year after Armstrong landed on the Moon, the UFO home boasted three bedrooms, a bathroom, spacious kitchen, living room, and panoramic views of the mountains. One of the most usual properties in the world it is a home that has all the comforts any home owner would desire actually
It has a drop-down airplane door which leads into a bar area with 13 mirrors on the wall. You then take a few steps up a spiral staircase that lands you on the main level. Here you find a living room, kitchen with eating area (with a balcony looking over the highway), two large bedrooms and two full baths (one very large with a large round stone tub). From the living room there are a few steps that take you to a small “landing” that leads you to the third bedroom. This is a completely round interior room with no closet. There are small ceiling lights around the edge of the circle.
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