TV Shows Blamed For Increase Demand In Australian Property

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The UK is one of the most popular sources of immigration to Australia and this has been reflected in searches for Australian property. and both experienced increased interest in January 2011. The interest may a result of Channel 4 TV series “Phil Down Under” where Brits seeking a move to Australia are helped by property guru Phil Spencer.  


“A January uplift in searches is quite normal, as we find that people are much more likely to think about living abroad when it’s winter, and especially when they go into a new year,” said Samantha Baden, a spokesperson for “However, there has been a surge in searches for Australian property throughout winter. Our figures show that from October 2010 to the end of January, searches increased by 98 per cent.” put much of the increased interest down to TV shows, Phil Spencer – he of ‘Phil & Kirstie’ followed British families who make the big switch to Oz in new Channel 4 series Phil Down Under.


 Ã¢â‚¬Å“Interest for property in Australia seems to get more year after year, in fact since 2003 we have seen a consistent increase in interest at Sharp increases from UK visitors happen when popular TV shows are aired, these fire interest from cold Brits seeking a better life abroad explained Director Nick Marr  


Phil Spencer aim of “Phil Down under” was explained at Digital Spy  Ã¢â‚¬Å“There is an element of showcasing Australia, of course there is – the lifestyle on offer, the jobs you can have and the properties. It certainly goes out at a time in this country where we’re feeling a bit dark and miserable, and they’re bright and warm and happy and cheap over there.”


The Australian property market is like no other in the world with strong property prices reflecting an economy that has seemingly bounced back from the global financial crisis. One note of caution comes from The Economist who will publish their quarterly index of house prices around the world. The index shows that Australia’s homes are the most overvalued in the index. The ratio of prices to rents in the country is fully 56% above its long-run average.


Real estate in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth made up the top three regions in Australia that attracted the most interest at Homesgofast,.com  

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