Tuscany is the picture postcard location to buy Italian property

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If you’re looking to buy a
property in Italy, you should ‘beware the life changing charms’ of Tuscany,
according to a leading newspaper. 
The Daily Telegraph have
recently called the area ‘the perfect spot to buy a dream holiday home’ while
experts believe it is a great time to buy property in Tuscany.

Keep reading to learn more about
this beautiful region of Italy.

Tuscany is ‘the most beautiful part of Italy’

Set in the north west of Italy,
Tuscany is home to no fewer than six world heritage sites and over 120
protected nature reserves. 
Florence – often considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance –
is the region’s capital and other cities include Empoli and Pisa.

Alistair Tidey, who bought
Italy’s most photographed property – the iconic Podere Belvedere in the Val
d’Orcia – told the Daily Telegraph: “It
[Tuscany] is hugely on the up as it becomes better known to tourists. I think
it is the most beautiful part of Italy, with its vast rolling wheat fields and
wild mountainous areas. The 360-degree views which we have are quite
remarkable, with the colours of the landscape changing through the day.”

And, experts believe that is a
good time to buy in the region. 
The newspaper reports that prices of luxury houses in Tuscany and Umbria
have slipped in the past year by five per cent.  And, ‘buyers who might once have been interested in riskier
new markets in Eastern Europe prefer to stick to tried and tested areas.’

Most overseas buyers prefer
buying a ‘finished’ property in Italy rather than undertaking a conversion
themselves.  Rupert Fawcett, of
Knight Frank’s international division, said: “Few buyers in Tuscany want to
undertake a project.  Most are time
poor and want a turnkey home in which to relax from day one.”

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