Tuscan Coastline Offers an Alternative

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While many visitors to Tuscany stick to the popular towns and museums inland, there are some nice beaches to lure you to the coast. There are many well-known destinations along the Italian coastline, but this part of Tuscany provides visitors with nice beaches and proximity to all that this part of Italy is famous for – Florence, sun-drenched hills and spectacular works of art.


Probably the most famous island off the coast is Elba, where Napoleon was briefly in exile. The beaches here are nice and certainly make for more enjoyable days than someone in exile might think possible. Elba is the largest of the TuscanIslands, most of which can be reached by ferry from the coast. Elba is about an hour by boat from Piombino.


The southern part of the Tuscan coast offers several popular resorts and beaches, many of which are ideal for a quick weekend trip from Rome. La Maremma is at the southernmost end of the region and is ideal for a day or week stay. A new resort, L’Andana, opened several years ago and is a popular destination. Just up the coast is the island/peninsula of Monte Argentario, which has beautiful views and two main towns, Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano. If you have a yearning for fresh local seafood, either of these towns can offer excellent choices.


 At the northern end of the Tuscan coast, just before you reach Liguria, are the towns of Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi. Viareggio has long, sandy beaches that are perfect for enjoying the sunny days, while Forte dei Marmi is the high-society destination for this part of Italy. It is a favorite for Milan’s jet setters, who head down to the beaches and clubs to enjoy a weekend or summer holiday.


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