Turkish Tourism and The Turkish Property Market

  • 17 years ago
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Turkey’s success in its Holiday and Tourism industry is growing and so is the interest in Turkish property, the two industries are completely linked according to overseas property portal at Homesgofast.com
In recent years Turkey has become increasingly popular as a holiday and travel destination, and this has helped to make it a favourite with international real estate investors. Several reports have indicated that Turkey is becoming one of the hottest markets in Europe for tourism, joining traditional favourites such as Spain and Portugal.
For the first half of 2007 Istanbul has had a record-breaking number of visitors. According to statistics published on the website www.turks.us, 2,831,000 foreign tourists visited Istanbul in the first six months of the year, a 22% increase over the prior year. May was the busiest month as 586,000 international visitors came to the city; with June close behind at 554,000. Germany had the largest number of travellers from abroad at 422,000 and England had 128,000.
The news is good for the whole country, not just Istanbul. The German magazine Tourist Report produced a survey showing that Turkey is one of the best places to visit in all of Europe, as reported in a number of newspapers including Altinkum Voices (www.voicesnewspaper.com). Overall, Turkey came in second for European tourist destinations, just behind the Balearic Islands but ahead of Spain and the rest of Europe.
 In the survey, Turkey had top marks for hotel and service quality as well as second for airline connections. In recent years the country has developed its airport capacity significantly, with recently constructed airports outside Istanbul and Bodrum, as well as new international terminals at several others. Getting to Turkey is now much easier and quite reasonable as well.
Homesgofast.com state that Turkish tourism and Turkey’s popularity as a place to buy a home overseas are linked. Nicholas Marr CEO “Many of our buyers have had a holidays in Turkey and want to experience the Turkish sun and culture in their own holiday home. Many start looking for a place to buy on their first holiday and come back determined to find their dream home in Turkey. The hot areas for Turkish property appear to be Altinkum, Bodrum, Fethiye and Dalaman”
With such high interest in tourism, Turkey has also become a great place in which to invest in property. There is a large rental market, and property values in the popular areas have increased significantly over the past several years. Turkey is definitely one of the places to be. View a large selection of Turkish property for sale

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