Turkish Property Traffic Linked To Air Travel Data

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27/11/09 – UK based Turkish property agent Spot Blue have announced a significant year on year growth in traffic to their website in the third quarter and in what we have seen of the final quarter. The announcement comes just days after an Anna Aero report detailing 22% growth in Turkish airline capacity, and that the contraction in European air travel as a whole slowed to just 2% in the early winter season.
“When we saw the Anna Aero report, we decided to analyse the recent traffic data from our site and see if there was any correlation in this growth. What we found was pleasantly surprising: traffic to the site was 27% higher in the third quarter of this year than last year. This slowed to a year-on-year growth of 23% in the 3months ending October, and has accelerated again to a year on year growth of 24% for the period 1st September to 25th November,” said Spot Blue director Julian Walker.
“The number of pages viewed has also increased on a year on year basis in each of those periods,” he added.
Unlike the main traffic statistic, the number of pages being viewed grew by the largest margin in the most recent tri-monthly period (1 Sep – 25 Nov), with a growth of 22.5% compared to the same period last year. It grew by 18%+ in both the previous tri-monthly periods.
According to Anna Aero the growth in air travel has mainly been fuelled by growth in the low cost carrier sector. The report reads:
“A detailed look at scheduled capacity by airline reveals that once again it is the low-cost carriers who are managing to grow during a period of recession. While the majority of flag-carriers continue to cut capacity (Lufthansa, Swiss and Turkish Airlines are notable exceptions) easyJet and Ryanair continue to grow organically.” See Turkish Property from Spot Blue

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