Turkish property to have new energy rating system in 2011

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A new system being launched in 2011 by the Turkish government will measure the energy efficiency of every property in Turkey with inefficient homes having to pay higher taxes. If you own or are thinking of buying a property in Turkey, the energy efficiency of the property may now be higher on your list of priorities.

From January 2011, all buildings will receive a document called their ‘energy identification’, showing how much energy they save.  The energy efficiency of every building in Turkey will be determined by experts and they will be given a grade between A and G – a grade A for the most energy efficient buildings (those easiest to heat and light and which release the least harmful gases) and G for the least energy efficient.

New energy efficiency grading system

Public Works and Housing Minister Mustafa Demir told Today’s Zaman: “We expect to finish labelling all buildings by 2017.”

Higher taxes for inefficient properties

The grades are designed to help people take into account how energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings are before they decide to buy or rent.  Demir’s ministry expects housing contractors to start attaching more importance to building maximum energy-efficient and minimum greenhouse gas-producing buildings from 2011, as those with poor records will be subjected to higher property taxes.

According to an energy efficiency strategy draft prepared by the General Directorate of Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration (the EUE), more taxes will be levied on non-insulated buildings starting in 2012.

The Hurriyet Daily News reports that ‘Heat Insulation Industrialists’ Association Chairman Kubilay Ulu said the practice was obligatory as part of the EU harmonization process, not only for new buildings but also, as of 2017, for already-built structures.’

He said: “The sooner you get insulation systems installed in your houses, the fewer taxes you will pay.”

So, if you are looking to buy in Turkey, finding out the energy efficiency of the property could be crucial to ensure you don’t pay higher taxes than you need to

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