Trump Parc, Stamford, Connecticut

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On the corner of

Broad Street


Washington Boulevard

in downtown Stamford, Connecticut is the Trump Parc high-rise residential tower. This is the tallest building in the city and it is nearing completion with plans to open this fall.


While the recession has caused sales to be slower than anticipated, the Trump Parc offers a lot for those who want a place to live or stay in downtown. Stamford is a financial-services center and has many business people who commute quite a ways to get to work in the city. The building is in an ideal location for those who want a place to stay during the week while working nearby.


The Trump Parc has 34 floors and is a modern-glass enclosed structure. There are 170 condos for sale in the building, and about 50 have sold so far according to one of the partners in the project. There are deals available for another 50 condos on the 8th – 21st floors for those who want to buy right away. For these, prices range from $680,000 for a one bedroom unit with 1,100 square feet to $1.1 million for a three bedroom unit with 1,825 square feet. Buyers only need 10 percent down and are required to hold on to the condos for at least three years.


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