Traditional Pensions deliver poor value

  • 13 years ago
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Whereas SIPPs offer a transparent
and low rate of account administration charges the same cannot be said for traditional
pension schemes.

A small sounding 3% annual management charge can
erode the value of your final pension pot, for example, from £300,000 to just
£150,000. Shocking isn’t it? Hidden charges and incentives for pension
management teams to switch your pension monies in and out of various funds will
allow them to earn money whilst you do not.

The cumulative effect of ‘trail commission fees’ payable to
the advisor who sold you the scheme over many, many years will also impact the
amount of your money that is invested to earn you money. The purpose of
trail fees being to compensate your advisor for future advise and pension
reviews given to you – if you feel this is good value then great, but many
people don’t – not seeing their ‘advisor’ from one year to the next.  Such is the impact that trail commission fees
make upon the final size of your pension that a (traditional pension ‘insider’)
company has just broken ranks promising to find and rebate 80% of trail fees
deducted from your pension. To say he is not popular with the traditional
pension industry for doing so is an understatement.

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