Tourists See The Turkish Coast Via Kayak

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A  British Kayak Coach is attracting visitors to the Turkish coast with a new way to see the stunning coastline.
Anyone who wants to get a different perspective on the beautiful coastline of Turkey can now experience it from a kayak, courtesy of English expat Dean Livesey. His company Seven Capes is based in Fethiye along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and is operated by Dean and his Turkish-born wife Ayse. Dean is a former British Canoe Union – trained kayak coach, marine engineer and member of the Royal Navy. The name Seven Capes comes from the towering cliffs of Yedi Burunlar, or 7 capes, off the coast near Fethiye.
Tours of the coast via kayak come in a variety for different skill levels, with both single and double seat kayaks. The tours can last a few hours or a few days, and the Seven Capes team has found a number of unique places to camp and cook meals for extended trips. Trips explore the coast and islands of the Mediterranean, including the Bay of Fethiye and its numerous islands, Ibis Cape, the blue lagoon of Oludeniz, the seven capes and St. Nicholas Island. There is even a trip that combines kayaking and trekking for the really adventurous.
The water off of southern Turkey makes an excellent place to learn to kayak and enjoy the country. It is clear and blue, and you can enjoy both the view to the bottom of the sea and the spectacular coastline. You can also swim and picnic, take a course in how to kayak and enjoy the southern coast of Turkey to your heart’s content. Explore this beautiful region in a different way with Seven Capes.
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