Tourist Office Gives 10 Reasons to Visit Krakow

  • 15 years ago
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A new website called has just launched in partnership with the Polish National Tourist Office. This site lists 10 reasons on its homepage for why people should choose to visit Krakow and live in the area.
Acting Director of the PNTO, Ewa Binkin, said: “Krakow is a wonderful city and has lots on offer for visitors. This new website puts all of the information about Krakow at people’s finger tips – city highlights have been compressed into bite-sized chunks to give people a real flavour of what to expect.”
From the homepage of Why Krakow, browsers can click on one of the 10 things to see and do when they visit. Beginning with all the cultural exhibits and museums in Things to See, the list and website moves on to highlight the fact that the city is the Royal Capital of Poland, has plenty of unique aspects, hosts a number of cultural festivals each year and is close by to plenty of things to do if you love the outdoors. There is also a very good nightlife scene with many fine restaurants and the city is easy to get to.
It isn’t hard to find something for everyone to like about Krakow. Why Krakow is a wonderful resource for anyone who is interested in visiting the area or looking for a place to live in Poland.

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