Top US Housing Markets

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While home prices in the United States have fallen dramatically in many places, the long term outlook for some areas is still excellent. US News and World Report has listed its top 10 housing markets for the next 10 years, keeping in mind that many US markets will appreciate considerably in the coming decade.


Seattle, Washington is a very good destination, with the several of its suburbs also making the list. This city and its neighbor of Tacoma have a bit of everything, not to mention an ideal location on the water and not far from beautiful mountains. Bremerton and Silverton are nearby cities that also border Puget Sound and are home to many businesses, including and major Navy base.


Glens Falls, New York is near to the popular recreation areas of Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains. It has grown tremendously in the past decades and looks to be a great market for the foreseeable future. Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado are located north of Denver and are booming. At the base of the Rocky Mountains and full of high-tech businesses and several major universities, this area has a bright future.


Corvallis, Oregon is also not far from the great outdoors and home to OregonStateUniversity. If you don’t mind the cold, then Anchorage, Alaska and Duluth, Minnesota have plenty to offer. Sandusky, Ohio has transformed itself in recent years and home prices are predicted to go up steadily in the next decade. Also on the list are Santa Fe, New Mexico, Pittsfield, Massachusetts and Decatur, Illinois.


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