Top Places to Live in the United States

  • 16 years ago
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Money magazine and CNN have come up with their annual list of the best places to live in the United States, and this year Plymouth, Minnesota comes out on top. The Minneapolis-St. Paul suburb of 50,000 has just about everything, from great schools, affordable housing and lots to do. Fort Collins, Colorado comes in second with Naperville, Illinois taking third.
Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains about 30 miles north of Denver, Fort Collins is an outdoor lover’s paradise. With access to the mountains just minutes away, the town has bike lanes on most major streets and is also home to Colorado State University. A thriving technology industry is also a big draw here.
The Chicago suburb of Naperville has a pretty downtown area with shops and restaurants that draw people from all over the place, and the local schools are very good. There are a number of major businesses with local branches in town, making it a nice place to live and work.
Rounding out the top ten are Irvine, California; Franklin Township, New Jersey; Norman, Oklahoma; Round Rock, Texas, Columbia/Ellicott City, Maryland; Overland Park, Kansas and Fishers, Indiana.
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