Top Investment Locations Abroad Revealed

  • 15 years ago
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There are a whole host of publications and websites that publish their annual list of overseas property investment locations, and this week the Evening Standard has its own list. Their list of top overseas investment destinations for 2009 comes from John Howell of the International Law Partnership. In tough times, people tend to look for quality destinations with a proven track record, and this list emphasizes that.
Paris tops the list, as the French capitol has been on top of many investors’ ideal destination for a number of years. Some areas of the city continue to see solid price appreciation, and the rental market is always strong. Following Paris is Miami, where there are plenty of high quality homes and properties that are available now for stunningly low prices. They probably won’t drop much more than they have already, and that means the market will go up, once again.
Berlin ( property in Germany ) and Spain round out the list, coming in third and fourth, respectively. Much like Miami and Florida, both of these countries have suffered in the current economic crisis. But in the long term, buyers should see some significant appreciation. For Berlin, the city will continue its post-merger growth and there will be more and more people moving in. Finally, Spain – a country that has been the most popular for Brits to buy abroad for several years now. The property market in Spain has fallen precipitously in the past year, and there are a wide range of great properties available for bargain prices. When the economy turns around, the beaches and warm weather will continue to draw people to Spain and prices will certainly go back up.See property for sale Spain

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