Top Celebrity Holiday Destinations

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As Christmas and the winter holidays approach, some people are looking for the best places to spend some quality time away from home. Here is a listing of seven top celebrity holiday destinations, according to news reports. Most of these are great any time of the year, and some are good for both sunbathing and skiing.
St. Tropez on the French Riviera draws the celebs like no other place in the world. Bridget Bardot helped to make it famous, but more stars can be seen here than just about anywhere else. St. Barts in the Caribbean is one of the best island destinations for celebs, and many visit here and have homes that they can retreat to when they need some needed rest and relaxation.
Aspen is a great place in the summer or winter, though it is best known for its great skiing. Many American stars have holiday retreats here and some even make this a year-round home. George Clooney has helped to popularize Italy’s Lake Como with many of his Hollywood friends. He owns a palatial mansion along the lake and its beautiful setting has helped to draw travelers for decades.
Bora Bora in French Polynesia is a remote and exotic destination. Bloody Mary’s Bar and Restaurant is the place to spot a vacationing star here. Mallorca, Spain has become popular destination for European stars, particularly sports figures, in recent years. Michael Douglass and Catherine Zeta-Jones have a home here, and so do many other well known figures.
Finally, back in the Caribbean is the island of Anguilla, which is becoming known as the new St. Barts. It is an idyllic getaway, without the crowds of some of the more popular places, but with the great weather and beaches. Enjoy your holiday and see how many stars you can catch at one of these great places.
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