Top 5 Best Places To Buy Property For Retirement

  • 12 years ago
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Are you looking to retire
overseas?  If so, you are not
alone.   Depressing British
weather, the recession and high prices are resulting in more and more people
buying property overseas for their retirement years.

But, where should you buy?  Yahoo and Castle Cover recently looked
at everything from rainfall to crime rates, healthcare (availability and cost),
tax and how much homes cost. And, they have come up with the top five overseas
locations to buy property for your retirement.  They are:

5. USA

Healthcare may not be the
cheapest in the USA but there are many other reasons to retire across the
pond.  Low house prices and cheap
petrol are two reasons, and you can choose a climate that you like.  Bask in the sun in California or
Florida or head to the snowy Rockies or Maine for a cooler climate. Find property in the USA here

4. Barbados

With 27,000 British expats in
Barbados, you will certainly not be alone when you retire to the island.  Barbados also boasts virtually free
healthcare, low property taxes and a stunning combination of sun, sea and sand. Find property in Barbados

3. Spain

Spain has the largest expat
community in Europe and the lowest crime rates of the countries surveyed.  You can head to one of Spain’s major
cities, retire to the seaside, head to UNESCO protected areas like Toledo or
live the island life in the Balearic or Canaries. Find property in Spain

2. Portugal

Portugal is in the same time zone
as the UK and has the third largest British expat population in Europe.  Property prices are around a third
cheaper than France and the cost of living is lower than many other
destinations. Find property in Portugal

1. Malta

Malta boasts over 3,100 hours of
sunshine every year and an average annual temperature of nearly 19 degrees
Celsius.  English is the first
language for many people and property prices and the cost of living are
inexpensive. Find property in Malta

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