Tips for Preparing Your House for Viewings

  • 8 years ago
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      1. Storage space

After living in a family home for years everyone’s house can
look a bit cluttered. Try to make your property look clean and spacious by
storing items that block walkways or make rooms look small away from the

2. Making the outside look good

The outside of your property is the first impression any
viewer will make on your property so make sure all the lawn is cut and your
driveway is swept.

3. De-clutter

Put away any clutter that you need on a day to day basis. Storage
units, that fit neatly, into a cupboard, or under a bed, can be useful for
packing some things away.

4. Finish off any small odd jobs

If there are any small, cheap jobs that need doing like
replacing a smashed mirror or fixing a door handle do it now. Small details will
put a potential buyer off.

5. Try to eliminate pet odours

6761252d686b170ce98542ebc80ffc5af4a11133288b7fa476bf2d85001245a9If you have pets and the house smells a little like damp dog
try to use some cleaning products that are specifically designed to get rid
of pet odours. If you have a viewing booked try and take your pet out of the
property during the viewing.

6. Wardrobe space

We all like good wardrobe space so take some clothes out to
accentuate its size.

7. Try to depersonalise

As soon as the viewer walks into the property they will be
thinking of how they see themselves in the property. If a space is heavily
personalised it may make it hard for the viewer to imagine themselves living
there so taking some personal items out may allow them to see it as their

8. Lighten up darker rooms

A property with good light make rooms look fresh so try and
create as much natural light as possible. For the darker rooms it may be worth
purchasing some small lamps to lighten up some areas.

9. Cobwebs

24e84772f391a23ab660d663176482dd3608032babbbe51598112a853cf548a6Always a disappointment is seeing cobwebs in the corner of a
room gathering dust. Pay attention to corners and give them a flick of the
feather duster.

10. Clear the window sills

275ecd6f8294d9d54aa12b4fedbfbd465855ac0a9ca67a9cfe9ef6dca31bfd34Another detail often overlooked is looking behind the
curtains to find mould and dead insects stuck on the window sill inspect them
for cleaning or repainting if necessary before the viewing. Also where possible
try and clear away clutter from window sills to let as much natural light in as

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