Tips for buying luxury property in Vence

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When it comes to high-end real estate in France, the French
Riviera is the place to go. And for those sifting through the Riviera’s finest
towns, Vence is hard to beat. What makes the commune so special?

This is all you need to know about buying luxury
property in Vence


Vital Statistics

Average Prices in the Area

€2.5m – 10m

Most Common Property Type


Who’s Buying?


Middle East


Background Info


Thanks to its location near the South coast of France, Vence
benefits from a temperate climate, with hot sun-soaked summers and cool
springs. Expect highs of 26 in August – unacclimatised residents should take
care to wear sunscreen – and bearable winters that stay away from becoming too


Vence is famous for its spring water, which can be drunk
from fountains throughout the town, but there is plenty more for locals to
drink up: contemporary art museums, a beautiful chapel and cathedral, and other
stunning medieval architecture. It’s the kind of life that D.H. Lawrence
approved of.


Like many places along the French Riviera, Vence depends
upon a lively tourist industry for its income, particularly in the summer, with
visitors attracted by its culture, history and art. But at heart Vence is a
market town – a vibrant centre of fragrances, vegetables and, of course, that
famous mineral water.

Insider’s Guide…

“Vence is much nearer the airport, but the properties are
more reasonably priced. They can go up, but villas start at around €800k. Vence
covers a huge region, but Saint Paul du Vence is the crème of the area. Lots of
British buyers come here, but others are taking hold, particularly the Swiss…”

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