There aren’t many celebrity homes for sale like this

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The house owned by Holly Golightly is now for sale in
America. The building, which is famous for its “wild cocktail parties” has an
asking price of $5.85 million, a figure boosted by its starring role in the
1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s – indeed, as a house widely known for its
fictional former owner, there aren’t many celebrity homes for sale like this.

Golightly, played by celeb Audrey Hepburn, became adored worldwide
by movie fans for her little black dress and large
sunglasses. Now, as Hepburn’s career-defining celebrates its 50th
anniversary, the house she owned has hit the market.

Famous former owners

The four-storey property “no longer has the green and white
striped window awnings it wore in the movie”, reports the New York Times.
However, the house has other famous former owners for non-film fans to

Mr. Bacanovic purchased the property in 2000 for a cool sum
of $1.88 million. The Merrill Lynch broker has lived there since, but left the
property for five months when sent to prison for his involvement in Martha
Stewart’s insider trading. Now, he wants to move to somewhere different, his
agent told the magazine.

The house is currently converted into two separate duplex
flats, with Bacanovic occupying the upper flat. His apartment contains two
en-suite bedrooms and several fireplaces, while the downstairs property also
includes the sizeable garden.

Bacanovic’s agent assures the NY Times that the property can
be quickly converted back to a single home for a family, and that the tenant
living in the downstairs apartment will vacate the property as soon as a buyer
is found.

A starring role?

Some debate surrounds the home’s exact role in the movie
Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Some say that the house was replaced by a set for the
interior scenes, while Bacanovic claims that some scenes were shot in the
house and that the cameras filmed through the windows from outside.

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