The Woman Cave: The man cave isnt just for men anymore

  • 8 years ago
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Every man dreams of a home with a man cave, but why should men have all the fun? More and more women are designing their own oasis away from the stress of daily life. Today’s women enjoy watching TV, movies and sports and playing video games just as much as men. And why shouldn’t they be able to relax after a long day just like a man? Whether you plan to call it your woman cave, your lady lounge or your haven for her, here are some tips to consider when planning your own private space.

Finding your space

While typical man caves are found in basements or lofts, almost any space can be spruced up to meet the needs of a woman looking to define her own space. A fresh coat of paint, comfortable furniture, and the right temperature throughout the year will do in a pinch, but more extensive design can certainly add to the pleasure of the space. A pleasant aroma from candles or incense, a comfy blanket or throw, and dim lighting can help with the relaxation factor.

Tuning in

A high quality television will help you enjoy and make the most out of your woman cave. A set with high definition capabilities is a must, and a 4K Ultra HD unit will enhance the experience even more. Placing the TV in the right position in the room is essential to getting the best view of the picture. While having the TV on top of a stand or console is satisfactory, more and more homeowners are having their HD TVs mounted on the wall for a more modern and professional look. TV installers can also install a high-quality TV aerial at the same time to ensure you get the best picture possible.

“Having your television installed properly and paired with a high-quality TV aerial will ensure the best viewing experience and help you to relax without worrying about receiving a poor television signal,” says Tom at A Clearer Picture, a Brighton aerial installation company.

Get your game on

Anyone who still thinks women don’t play video games isn’t in touch with today’s women gamer. While the XBox One and the Playstation 4 are the best consoles available right now, for those looking to be more active with their video gaming the Wii and WiiU consoles provide options to incorporate active movement into your gaming experience. Be sure to connect any console to the television with high-quality cables that will transmit a high-definition picture to get the most bang for your buck.

Stream and binge

Today’s streaming options provide access to thousands of hours of films, television shows, and documentaries for just about any taste for those times when it seems there’s nothing playing on TV. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and many other services provide everything from classics to today’s most popular media selections. Adding a Roku player, Google Chromecast, or Amazon Fire Stick to your TV setup can give you that opportunity to “binge watch” your favourite programs.

Top it off

Adding a few other accessories like a small bar or wine refrigerator can add to your relaxation as well as providing an opportunity to entertain when guests join you in your private lair. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine with their favourite programs?

Follow these tips and you’re on your way to the perfect oasis from life. 

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