The top 3 overseas locations to make money from property

  • 12 years ago
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Picking the right overseas
location to invest is a tricky business. So, a leading newspaper has put
together a guide to the best places to invest in property.

The Daily Telegraph’s report throws up some interesting ideas about
where you should buy your overseas property. Keep reading to find out their top
three overseas locations to make money from property over the next few years.

3. Estonia

It may not be on everyone’s wish list,
but the Telegraph believes that the
Baltic country offers excellent potential.

According to date from Knight Frank,
house prices in the capital Tallinn rose 13.9 per cent in the year to summer
2012. The newspaper also reports that golf is also taking off in a big way,
with a large new resort, the Estonia Golf & Country Club, providing 125 new
homes close to the capital.

2. Brazil

Prices of property in Brazil rose
by an average of 23 per cent in the last year – the highest growth in the
world. And with the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games set to arrive in the
country, prices are expected to continue rising.

The Daily Telegraph highlights four major hot spots to consider.
These are: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Natal in the north east, which has
brilliant beaches and Florianópolis, off the southern coast, nicknamed
‘Brazil’s Ibiza’.

1. United States

The Telegraph
says that ‘the big beast is finally waking from its slumber’. House prices in
the USA have enjoyed six straight months of rises after seven years of falls
and HSBC says the US now offers Britons buying abroad the world’s best value
for money.

Experts predict the largest increases
will be in known areas such as California, Florida and New York with prices in
the key states set to rise by 20 per cent between now and 2016.

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