The Rotating Da Vinci Tower in Dubai

The Da Vinci code is more than a book or movie starring Tom Hanks – it’s the next technological breakthrough within real estate. The Da Vinci Tower will be located in Dubai and be over 300 meters with approximately 68 floors.
What’s so special about it? If not a luxurious building and hotel is enough for you, the apartments will rotate according to every resident’s desire. You like to have a clear view of the sunset? No problem, just rotate your home until you got it. The rotation also means that the form of the tower will constantly change and therefore have a new different shape all the time.
But it doesn’t end there. It won’t “only” rotate, but the rotation itself will generate the energy needed for the whole building and for its immediate neighborhood. The ones living nearby are surely fond by this news.
The concept is from the Italian architect Dr. David Fisher, who believes in more than the usual and plain buildings of today as he said during the announcement of the Da Vinci Tower: “Buildings should adjust to nature, so many have very little to do with life today. I wanted to create a building which is redesigned every day”.
Fisher, who is also the founder of the Rotating Tower Technology International Ltd, is currently looking for local partners in order to take the final decision on the final design by May. The projects is estimated to cost around Dh1 billion but would require considerably less workers, from 2000 to 90, and take only 18 months instead of the usual 30.
More building are planned after this initial one, all in Dubai’s major cities, where a pre-fabrication plant in Jebel Ali is considered to produce 90 percent of the tower’s requirements. Since the modules of the tower, 12 per floor, will be designed individually and then sent to the tower location, only the concrete core will be built on-site. Through this the cost also reduces by far from today’s standards.
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