The North East of England chosen by Ikea to Launch Flat Pack Homes

  • 17 years ago
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The North East of England has been chosen by Ikea to launch the first flat pack homes.  60 timber-framed BoKlok houses are up for grabs over the next two days at a store in Tyneside, ahead of the opening of a new development next year in Gateshead. Anyone interested in buying a home can visit the Ikea Metro Park West in Gateshead to register.
They will cost up to £150,000 and will only be available to non-homeowners earning between £15,000 and £35,000. The first of 120 BoKlok flats have been erected across the road from the Gateshead International Stadium on Tyneside.
Live Smart @ Home is the company licensed to build BoKlok properties in the UK, Alan Prole, managing director of Live Smart@Home, said: “The BoKlok house has been designed by leading architects in both the UK and Scandinavia with the aim to provide modern, flexible family living that, importantly, is affordable. It is almost the only way people can get on the housing ladder – there are millions of households struggling to own their first home.””
This unique opportunity comes at a time when first time buyers are almost at the stage of giving up the thought of getting a foothold on the property ladder. According to website, Research conducted among site users showed that 63% of those yet to get on the property ladder had abandoned the dream for this year.
Determination to start climbing the ladder is also reducing rapidly, according to the site. In June, 92% of first-time buyers were keener than they were in 2006 to buy a property but, by September, the number had fallen to 79%.
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