The Most Expensive House Sale in Victoria Australia

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The owners of a huge mansion in Victoria Australia invested $200,000 in a marketing film about their luxury home and clinched a sale for over 27 million Australian Dollars. The sale is believed to be record breaking and is the most expensive house sale in Victoria.

Victoria is the second most populous state in Australia,  geographically the smallest mainland state, Victoria is bordered by New South Wales to the north

The luxury property was originally built for an American oil tycoon Harry Cornforth in 1929-30. The home has eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a full-sized grass tennis court, basement cellar, a sweeping driveway, private steps to Point King beach and access to a private jetty.

The home owners splashed out over $200,000 which included a five-minute movie set in the mansion. The short film focused on a day in the life of a fictional family, the Crawfords, played by television presenter Brodie Harper and her husband.

Portsea cliff-top properties are generally among the most expensive in Victoria and are tightly held by their wealthy owners. Ilyuka’s neighbours include trucking magnate Lindsay Fox and investment banker John McIntosh.

The previous highest price for a residential property in Victoria was set by art dealer Rod Menzies when he paid $18 million in 2007 for the Stonington mansion in

Glenferrie Road

, Malvern.

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