The Budget & The National House Building Council

  • 16 years ago
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 The UK’s National House Building Council (NHBC) which warranties over 80% of new British Homes has today welcomed the commitment by the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, to target all new construction in the drive to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions.

NHBC’s ten-year ‘Buildmark’ warranty has protected more than 6 million homes to date.

NHBC is helping raising the standards of new UK homes by:

• registering builders who agree to comply with NHBC’s Rules and Standards
• setting and maintaining construction standards for new homes • inspecting at key stages of construction
• providing ‘Buildmark,’ the most comprehensive warranty and insurance cover for homes in the UK

• offering building control services in England and Wales • providing a range of services, including technical information, training, health and safety, engineering, energy rating services and home information packs for new homes and housing-related sectors

Imtiaz Farookhi, NHBC’s Chief Executive, said: “The decision by the Chancellor to target all new buildings to be zero carbon from 2019 is to be commended as is the decision to provide “pump-prime” funding for a 2016 delivery unit to guide, monitor and co-ordinate the zero carbon programme, which we have long said is needed to develop a framework to move this agenda forwards.

“Existing housing stock also has a part to play in driving down carbon emissions and this is why is it pleasing the Chancellor has outlined a significant programme of spending to make existing homes more energy efficient through the use of tried and tested technologies including cavity wall and loft insulation. The Foundation’s research has highlighted the need for zero carbon measures to be based on sound science and safe technologies and using these methods to reduce carbon emissions in existing stock is welcome.”

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