The British Leave Home in Record Numbers to Live Overseas

  • 17 years ago
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Recent figures released by the UK government show that 365000 Brits left the UK for to live in another country. The majority have settled in countries such as Australia, Spain, France, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Netherlands and United Arab Emirates. This mass exodus is the biggest since records began in 1991.
A closer look at the figures released by the UK’s Office for National Statistic showed that of those who left last year  196000 were British citizens while 189000 were long term migrants who had been living in the UK for more than a year.
The startling emigration figures begs the question why are people leaving in such numbers. Surprisingly it seems that one of the main reasons for the British to pack their bags is the British weather. Sun starved Brits have had a very wet summer and the grey skies which are meant to be blue have hardly appeared
 Richard Exton, director of Barclays Buying Abroad, advises: “Brits are familiar with the idea that we only have two seasons – the winter and July. It seems that this year, with the terrible weather we have experienced in July and throughout the summer, many people are not prepared to sit through a year-long winter.”
Recent research from GE Money found that the favourable weather is a key reason consumers give for retiring to Portugal. Some 36 per cent of property buyers told the finance provider that the Mediterranean climate is one of the main attractions of a retirement in Portugal.
He adds that the BBC Weather Office has declared summer over, leaving many Britons to ask “what summer?”
Currency firm HiFX has said that interest in overseas property rose by 46 per cent year-on-year in June and by 40 per cent in July
People buy property abroad for many different reasons but a depressing British summer is enough to spur any overseas property buyer or investor into action,” commented Mark Bodega at HiFX.
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