The Beckhams are Moving Again

  • 16 years ago
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David Beckham is heading to Italy with his latest club, A.C. Milan. Not only will he be playing at the home of the 7 time European Champion and the storied San Siro, he and his family will be living in the fashion center of Italy. Some are already speculating that he is house hunting around Lake Como and certainly you cannot get a more stunningly beautiful region in which to buy a property.

If Victoria Beckham enjoyed shopping in Madrid then she will, for sure, enjoy taking the children for an ice cream in La Galleria or strolling down the Via Monte Napoleone the designer shopping street in Milan. Whilst Victoria may wish to stay in Los Angeles to ensure continuity with their children’s education, when they visit, hotel accommodation is not really and option, so it seems that Italy may soon get some new homeowners.

Also, if Victoria is hesitant, she may be influenced by Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister, who has openly encouraged them to buy a home in Italy by suggesting that Victoria consider fronting a documentary on her move to Italy.

If the Beckhams want to be with the VIPs of the world then a property on the lakes is the perfect answer. Silvio Berlusconi, himself, has recently bought a stunning lakeside villa on Lake Maggiore, and spent a considerable amount of time looking on Lake Como before deciding. He joins the many stars and celebrities who have homes and villas in this part of Italy.Italy Property

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