The 11 best cities for buying property abroad

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Investing abroad opens opportunities and security that is not possible by staying on American soil. With the world economy finding it’s way back up, foreign properties are becoming more lucrative than ever. So if you are considering venturing aboard, here are a few good places to start looking.

Hong Kong

If you are looking to invest in commercial properties, Hong Kong is the place. This is primarily due to its being the capital financial center for all of Asia. While the center of the city rent prices have dropped around 3 to 5 percent, rents are up as much as 52 percent in neighboring districts and surrounding areas.

 Bangkok, Thailand

The lush scenery and aroma of pad Thai filling the air is enough reason to consider purchasing real estate in Bangkok. But if that isn’t alluring enough, real estate investments have soared up 81% since last year, and almost 1 billion US dollars since 2011. As the market continues to rise things will only get better.

 Sydney, Australia

While Sydney currently lays claim to the most expensive property prices in all of Australia, the future is bright and the market is strong. Louis Christopher of SMQ research predicts to see between a 7 to 9 percent capital growth for the rest of the year, while expecting to see between 6 and 10 percent growth in 2014. The future is looking bright down-under.

 Frankfurt, Germany

The German economy continues a pattern of stability and upward growth. If you’re looking for rental properties, real estate owners in Frankfurt are seeing the highest gross rental yield at 4.6%, the highest of all neighboring German cities. Like with any major life decision, it is important to always educate yourself and keep current on economic and financial news. Check out places like MarketMinder by Fisher Investments to keep you current in all investment news before making any large investments.

 London, UK

An ever-popular city, London has always been a prime investment location. According to the Land Registry both commercial and residential properties sales are down 10% from last year while mortgage lending rates are down a whooping 30%. While things are down now, it is a proven investment gold mine and will be profitable when the market starts ascending again.

 Tokyo, Japan

According to a 2012 annual report of global property consulting, Tokyo was the fourth most popular place to invest in real estate. This is thanks to their 1% steady inflation rate and overall stability of the market. That being said, if looking for property to purchase, it is best to look for districts or wards away from the central city.

Paris, France

Paris has always been called the city of love, and what’s not to love about the beautiful scenery and charm of this city.  The rental market is also low with high yields, which makes Paris a prime place to buy and rent property.

Cayman Islands

Who hasn’t dreamt about owning a home on a white sand beach while the ocean air wafts through an open window? Surprisingly, real estate in the Cayman Islands produces good returns, and you can expect to see up to 8% rental yield. This truly is paradise.

Ibiza, Spain

What most Americans don’t know, Ibiza is one of the top destinations for younger people to travel on holiday or just to party. What does that mean to you as in investor? Whether you’re purchasing residential or commercially, this Mediterranean island will always be buzzing with life and thus always be a profitable destination.

Istanbul, Turkey

Amidst the towering mosques and Argonaut palaces, residential zones are springing up attracting the eye of buyers. With recent government changes to foreigners buying Turkish properties, Istanbul has become a hot spot and properties are being snatched up with investors hoping to ride the upward trend in the market.

Managua, Nicaragua

This capital city has so much to offer, including rolling hills of mossy green, pristine lakes, and tourist volcanoes. The city itself is a glowing mecca that is growing every day. Like spring daisies, shopping centers, hotels and residential developments are popping up faster than can be filled, which makes it a perfect situation for an investor to swoop in and take advantage of this blossoming city.

Buying properties should never be an impulse decision, but don’t let the fear of risk stand in your way. Like Carlos Slim Helu once said, “When there is a recession and your competition does not invest, they are giving you the advantage.”

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