Thailand Most Popular Asian Country For Overseas Property Buyers

  • 12 years ago
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New research from a leading
property website has found that Thailand remains the most popular target in
Asia for overseas property buyers and investors.  And, the country saw a sharp increase in interest levels
during July 2012.

Property in Thailand has been
increasingly popular with overseas buyers since 2010, as we see below.

Thailand the most popular country in Asia with property buyers

TheMoveChannel’s monthly ‘Top of
the Props’ league table measures the most searched countries on their
website.  In July 2012, Thailand
ranked as the world’s 13th most popular country with overseas
property buyers, up from 19th position in June 2012.

Phuket News reports that this underlines ‘the recent spike in
interest in property within the Kingdom from overseas buyers.’

Dan Johnson, director of, said, “When the credit crunch hit, property investors
started to retrench towards more familiar markets.  The political crisis that hit Thailand between 2008 and 2010
worsened this effect, meaning that drumming up interest in Thai property during
that period was difficult.”

A more stable political situation
and a strong economy have seen more and more overseas buyers consider Thailand
for their foreign home. 

Johnson added: “Since 2010 a
period of relative stability has ensued, which has helped build investor
appetite for the great value property, amazing countryside, spectacular
coastline and delicious cuisine.”

The research found that Spain
remained the top location with overseas property buyers and investors with the
USA in second place and France in third.

Property in Bulgaria was more
popular in July with the country jumping from 18th to 8th
place on the list.  2.57 per cent
of all the enquiries on the website in July were for properties in Bulgaria, up
from 1.35 per cent in June.  

Johnson said: “Bulgaria’s
improved monthly ranking seems to come directly from the appeal of its prices.”

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