Swords Pavilions Set to Grow in Ireland

  • 16 years ago
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Fingal, Ireland is about to have a major construction project on its hands, as new residents and visitors are expected to drive business to this suburban town and its main shopping center. The Swords Pavilion shopping center outside of Dublin is set for a major expansion when the developer’s plans are approved. Plans include two new major department stores, expected to be Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser, as well as an additional 100 stores plus apartments and offices with parking for all.
The current shopping center now has some 200,000 visitors each week and the town, which is north of Dublin, is expected to see some major growth in the coming years. This will help drive business to the new center, and, in turn, the new center will attract new residents and businesses to the area.
The expansion of Swords Pavilions is expected to cost approximately €1 billion. Completion is planned for 2013 and as many as 3,000 jobs will be created during construction and operation of the new stores. In addition to the stores and apartments, over 40 restaurants are expected to fill up the added space, and a new hospital is planned as well. All of this will help Fingal grow and become a destination for more and more home buyers and investors.
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