Swiss property prices rising high since holiday homes cap

  • 11 years ago
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House prices in the Swiss Alps have skyrocketed since the national cap on second-homes was introduced.

New figures suggest prices have risen by up to 15 per cent in some resorts, due to a diminishing supply of properties that can be used as holiday homes.

The cap, which was made into law back in March 2012, states that only 20 per cent of homes in any given communities can be used as second homes.

This was an effort to prevent some regions of Switzerland turning into ghost towns outside of skiing season. However, it has also resulted in property prices spiking dramatically in popular tourist areas. 

According to, Switzerland was even named amongst Goldman Sachs’ residential ‘high-flyers’, alongside Canada, Norway and Australia.

Nevertheless, international estate agent Terry Brine remains confident that demand for Swiss homes will remain strong.

He told “Switzerland has global appeal, not only for the lifestyle but also because it offers long-term stability. People are happy to be exposed to the Swiss franc because of its strength, and the housing market is stable compared to most others.

“The barriers at present are restrictive, but there’s nothing to say that the legislation can’t and won’t be revised at a future date. There have been legal shake-ups before. Each time the market has found a new equilibrium.”

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