Susan Boyles Boy Burglar Captured

  • 14 years ago
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The burglar that frightened Susan Boyles as she came across him in her home in Scotland one late night in January has now been caught by the local police.
The burglary took place in January 26th 2010 when the man ran out of the singers home she arrived home in Blackburn West Lothain.
It is understood that the talent show internet star had just flown back from London after helping to record the Helping Haiti charity single.
Lothian and Borders Police earlier said Boyle had been left “very distressed” by the incident. Officers detained a teenager, but he was later released.
The burglar has transpired to be a 16-year-old who has now been arrested and charged
What makes the burglary worse was that Ms Boyle, 48, disturbed the intruder as she returned home from London after recording a charity single for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.
To the publics amazement Ms Boyle, has not moved from her council house she has lived in since she was a child.

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