Survey Reveals Investment Is Key For Overseas Buyers

  • 15 years ago
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A survey of over 1000 visitors at the overseas property portal reveals that investment was the number one reason why people seek to buy a  property abroad.
The survey was conducted in between September and November 2009 by the UK based overseas property portal The website promotes 200,000 listings from over 50 countries worldwide and has been online since 2004.
Visitors were asked why they were considering buying a home overseas it  resulted in  responses from 1000 visitors to the website.
The number one reason respondents wanted to buy a place abroad was investment with 36% stating that this was their number one priority. The desire for a second home came in second place with 27% of visitors. In joint third place came relocation and retirement with 18% of visitors each stating that these were the main motives for buying abroad.
Nicholas Marr CEO “ The survey indicates that investment is still very high on the agenda for the majority of people buying a property overseas. International real estate is simply another vehicle for investors seeking to maximise their returns and may account for the popularity of emerging markets such as Brazil, and Egypt. We have seen in the last 12 months a  a push towards UK investment property from buyers from India and the Middle East. It is clear that the UK is now an overseas property investment hot spot”       
Survey results- Q “What is the main reason for buying a property abroad”
Investment 36%
Second home 27%
Relocation 18%
Retirement 18%
The survey was conducted online between September 20009 and November 2009 40% of visitors to are from the UK . See latest overseas investment property

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