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The Sunday Times reports that that despite a GBP100 million price tag the super rich have been snapping up luxury designer property at London’s One Hyde Park. The luxury apartments which were designed by architect Richard Rogers are due for completion in 2010. Knight Frank one of the estate agents promoting the development said sales had totalled more than GBP 500million with the average price of an apartment at GBP 20 million. The apartments represent real estate priced at GBP 6000 per square foot which is up from the peak prices in 2006 which were GBP 4000 per squire foot.
Liam Bailey Knight Frank It is quite extraordinary the way the super prime market has continued to surge ahead. Sales worth GBP1 million to 5 million have slowed but once you get above 5 million, and certainly above GBP 10 million they are still powering ahead 
Architect designer homes have become part of many property developers armoury in attracting luxury home buyers. One resort that is being built at the Silver Coast Portugal contains only designer homes. The resort named Bom Success is also aimed at the luxury home buyers market with prices starting at around GBP 429,000. Bom Sucesso has brought together twenty three of the most renowned Portuguese and international architects to design different sets of villas or townhouses.
The architects adhered to a set of rules that provide the formal unity of the project, but which simultaneously enabled them to follow their own original and specific objectives. Most important among these rules was that all rooftops should be covered in greenery and any walls should either be covered in greenery or else simply not exist at all.Architects at Bom Sucesso include famous names such as Englishman  David Chipperfield, Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza Vieira and the Spanish architect Josep Llinas
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