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The northwest Russian city of St. Petersburg has always been a favorite for tourists and travelers, with its elegant old buildings and spectacular sights, such as the HermitageMuseum. Now, though, it is becoming an increasingly popular place for international real estate investors. With the economy of Russia on the rise and a growing number of people interested in buying and renting, the market for apartments and new homes has never been better.


St. Petersburg, along with the rest of the country, is booming with new investments and money. The St. Petersburg Times newspaper reports that a number of new buildings and hotels are being constructed in the city and near the airport, and more are planned. One statistic indicates that by 2010 the number of tourists to the city will have increased by 40% over 2006. Jon Woolf, the director and principal consultant of the UK-based company Airport Strategy and Marketing, is quoted in the paper, calling St. Petersburg “the most dynamically developing city in Russia and Europe.”


A great example of the type of property available is this luxury apartment  in the Petrogradskiy District of the city. An elegant and stylish apartment in a very nice building, this property has six bedrooms on two floors. It has great views of the Knyaz-Vladimirskiy Cathedral and is conveniently located near the Sportivnaya subway station. It has over 400 square meters of floor space and three bathrooms, providing plenty of room for any size family. This is just one of many apartments and homes available to those interested in this dynamic and historic city.


St. Petersburg’s major airport, Pulkovo, is easy to fly into and out of for visitors from all over the world. It is also undergoing major renovation and expansion, both in the airport facilities and nearby amenities for travelers. A new 4-start hotel managed by InterContinental Hotels and Resorts is set to be located in the Pulkova III business area near the airport, and that is just one of many. In addition to the new buildings, the airport just announced plans to increase the network of long-haul international flights, making it even easier to get here than ever.


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