Sri Lanka plans Bali Style Resort Destination

  • 16 years ago
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Sri Lanka is planning to promote its northwestern coastal area of Kalpitiya as a resort destination, much like Bali is for Indonesia. The area has 14 islands on which eco-friendly resorts can be built according to the Kalpitiya Integrated Tourism Development Project (KITRP).
Sri Lankan Tourism chief Renton de Alwis said that “we will promote Kalpitya as a destination.” He continued, noting that “For example, Bali is nor promoted as Indonesia. Bali has its own air links and immigration.”
Kalpitiya is currently mostly an agricultural area with several fishing villages. There is an old airfield that is planned to be rebuilt and used as the main air connection to the new destination. Plans for the area also include a new resort town, power lines and a hospital. There will be condominiums, hotels, villas and more. Over all of the coastal area and islands there is more than 4,000 acres available for development.
Sri Lankan officials are planning to have an investor guide ready to go to potential developers in mid-October. Officials hope to attract one million tourists to the Kalpitiya area when it is fully developed.

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