Spectacular Plans Unveiled in Dubai

  • 16 years ago
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Plans for one of the world’s most spectacular urban developments, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens in Dubai, have recently been unveiled. This new green city project will cover over 800 million square feet of land, have four separate centers or houses, and incorporate new homes, educational, financial and commercial facilities as well as tourist attractions. It is being designed by internationally renowned architect Eric Kuhne and will also have more landscaped parkland than London and New York combined.
The new city within a city is being named after the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid. The four sectors or houses of the new development are The House of Humanity, The House of Commerce, The House of Wisdom and The House of Nature.
Each house will host world-class facilities within it that correspond the respective field. The House of Humanity will have museums and charitable organizations; The House of Wisdom will have educational facilities; The House of Commerce will be occupied by corporations and banks; and The House of Nature will be dedicated to the environment.
“His Highness Sheikh Mohammed should be applauded for his commitment to creating a new Dubai which will redefine the quality of civic life for all the citizens and guests of the Arabian Gulf. His vision can be compared to that of Shah Abbas I who created Nisf-e-Jahan; the elegant 16th century capital of Persia whose parks, gardens and libraries reflected the heavens.” says Eric Kuhne.
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